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You're looking for that outstanding red-letter speaker that will cause your people to pour on the positive feedback. But you've also learned that momentary motivation doesn't always lead to the long-term satisfaction of results or permanent change. Being transformed by 'the1492guy' and his message means your participants can have riotous fun or get inspired, and still leave with a permanent alteration to their attitudes or behaviour.

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    Audiences are never quite the same after ‘the1492guy’ visits their organisation. While customising his presentation to each group, Dave Patterson first looks at irritability stress points and low productivity among association members. He then connects their overall home and work effectiveness to their worldviews and any dominant culture syndromes.

    People don’t like to see themselves as ignorant, yet our education fails to cover the basics on the invisible hemisphere we all call home. This is causing numerous problems in our outer world, in the workplace, in our inner world guilt patterns, and in our kids’ attitudes about our society. It’s difficult to explain 1492 to children, because a shameful legacy is being revealed in a different way to kids and parents today. Inclusivity issues are part of every work environment.

    Being transformed by ‘the1492guy’s message means you will have an altered worldview about both your home and your occupation. Shocked yet delighted attendees are inspired to reach new heights in their work while at the same time gaining a new and lasting perspective on their home life.

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    • Even the wisest listener will find many surprises here
      - Michael Ehling
    • Fascinating accounts that everyone needs to hear
      - Hilary Bartlett
    • Wherever he's speaking, I want to know because I'll be there.
      - Diane Sawyer
    • I'm an educated guy, but I was shocked at many of the most simple truths
      - Steve Monks
    • I want to know what I can do to help spread this information
      - Christine Ferguson
    • Thank you for the excellent and thought-stimulating talk
      - Mark Brewers

    Dispelling the Myths of 1492

    Dave will take you on a fascinating journey, delivered with the same passion that caught his attention in 1999, when he first heard Ray Fadden’s message on his car radio. It was at that moment that something changed in Dave and he was never the same. Dave Patterson is convinced that if it could happen to him, it could happen to others.

    He loves and cares for his subject, as well as the people he talks to. That’s why his communication is clear, fun, and practical.

    Get ready to go back in time and gain a new perspective. The experience will have you looking at the amazing narratives from a positive point of view, filling in critical knowledge gaps. Without going back to a point of origin and correcting many misconceptions, the problem-solving and complaints processes of today may be doomed to keep repeating the same errors and flawed solutions.

    That is the extra ingredient of de-coding that Dave adds: understanding that we as Westerners typically react with guilt. But to this date it hasn’t worked.

    When you wonder why it hasn’t worked, you’re ready to come see Dave Patterson, 'the1492guy', and discover 'Dave's 5 Steps to Your Own Personal Truth and Reconciliation'.