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Choose from a variety of portraits, video stills, and live presentation photos. See Dave as he appears on stage, as well as in the author world. These will download automatically when clicked



Dave Patterson is ‘the1492guy’, professional speaker and international author. Dave reaches audiences across North America with his mix of passion, fun, practical communication, positivity, and understanding. Included:

  • Simplified bios: 2-line and 300-word
  • A Handy Speaker Introduction Bio
  • Four Fun Facts About Dave
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Interview Topics

Access a complete ready-to-go template for getting together with Dave Patterson, ‘the1492guy’. For radio, guest podcasts or TV, you as the host can effortlessly explore with Dave his book and speaking career, or use the list as a springboard to a great conversation.

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Please direct all inquiries to  Dave makes every attempt to respond and reach out to interested parties. He can normally be reached directly at 800-250-7955.

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Book Synopsis

Find the synopsis of the ‘500 Years of Lies: Discover the Extraordinary Number of Native Indian Gifts to the World’.  A short format and long format are included.

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Book Excerpt

Highlights appearing from all three sections.
Section 1: Lies and Truth.
Section 2: The Extraordinary Number of Native Indian Gifts to the World/Technology Chapter
Section 3: Whose Continents?

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Bonus List of Indian Gifts to the World

Many wide-eyed event attendees have gotten lost in this long intriguing list of Western Hemisphere accomplishments, innovations and inventions – all of them occurring prior to 1492 European contact.

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Press Releases