Dave Patterson

Dave Patterson

Speaker / Author (a.k.a the1492guy)

Dave Patterson is ideal for audiences that want to feel inspired about indigenous issues, instead of always guilty or upset about the latest news. For Dave's series of talks, he has compiled and organized the many truths in a way that is unforgettable to his listeners.

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‘500 Years of Lies’ Gathering
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Top 3 Ways Indians Were More Advanced Than Europeans in 1492

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Dispelling the Myths of 1492

Dave will take you on a fascinating journey, delivered with the same passion that caught his attention in 1999, when he first heard Ray Fadden’s message on his car radio. It was at that moment that something changed in Dave and he was never the same. Dave Patterson is convinced that if it could happen to him, it could happen to others.

He loves and cares for his subject, as well as the people he talks to. That’s why his communication is clear, fun, and practical.

Get ready to go back in time and gain a new perspective. The experience will have you looking at the amazing narratives from a positive point of view, filling in critical knowledge gaps. Without going back to a point of origin and correcting many misconceptions, the problem-solving and complaints processes of today may be doomed to keep repeating the same errors and flawed solutions.

That is the extra ingredient of de-coding – that Dave adds: understanding that we as Westerners typically react with guilt. But to this date it hasn’t worked.

When you wonder why it hasn’t worked, you’re ready to come see Dave Patterson, the1492guy, and discover the 5 Steps to your Own Truth and Reconciliation.

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the 1492 guy

Dave Patterson, the1492guy

My subject is ‘Dispelling the Myths of 1492’. I inspire by retelling actual histories, so the audience realizes that all European settlers and Indians were peers and co-equals – but then people forgot.

These real-life events are compelling: Europeans with disease, poor health & diet and no bathing; Western Hemisphere healthy and eating well; the first true democracy; a 700-year-old transportation system with 225,000 kilometers of roadway; gifts of 75% of our world’s foods; the genesis of women’s rights; 1000+ pyramids; they had large populations and the land was taken already; bigger cities than Europe; our concepts of freedom and liberty  – there’s hundreds of these well-documented accounts.

Because little of this may be on your radar, you are able to look at your own day today, and recognize the extraordinary number of Indian gifts to the world. We love our way of life, so my listeners are challenged to go out and transform some worldviews and attitudes. They feel better and more guilt-free. The audience members can then experience their own personal truth and reconciliation.

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